Subtitling in Film and Media


The WSMC has partnered with the Spanish-English Translation and Interpretation (SETI) program at  VCU to explore foreign language subtitling in film and media as a student activity for the SETI curriculum. The SETI Director (Patricia Michelsen King) and the WSMC staff will work together to create the activities, report on the project, and post student samples on this webpage. 

For the students' first subtitling project, each student was assigned a different one-to-two minute portion of a video interview with Lester Echaverria, Maintenance Engineer at the Hospital España in Chinandenga, Nicaragua. At the Media Center, the students were given an instructional lecture on how to add text to video using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Then, armed with their pre-prepared translations, they added English subtitles to the Spanish-language videos. The end result of each student's work has been cut together in the video to the right.