Providing Basic Services and Staffing the Front Desk

  • Answer phones and greeting lab users visiting the WSMC, assisting faculty and students as needed
  • Reserve the lab for foreign language instructors through Google Calendar
  • Providing essential testing services to students, placement testing, Oral Proficiency Interview, Avant STAMP 4s Achievement testing) and proctoring all tests taken on  site. 

Assisting WSMC Instructional Technology Specialists

  • Shooting video (filming Teletandem sessions, etc.)
  • Capturing/Editing video (Adobe Premiere)
  • Encoding video (Real Producer)
  • Updating the website (WordPress, HTML)
  • Providing instructional support to students and faculty

Assist WSMC Director as Needed

  • Provide general instructional and technical support for all lab applications
  • Assist instructors to prepare and deliver language labs (Sanako Lab 300)
  • Assist instructors to prepare curricula and support for self-study applications
  • Assist with faculty workshops

Assist with Special Projects as Needed

  • Event planning, hosting (required)
  • Open-house - lab tours to prospective students (required)
  • Assist in inventory control, statistics, and preventative maintenance
  • Other media public work areas, and perform other duties as required.

If you are interested in becoming an intern, please consult with SWS Academic Advising first; if you are approved, then you will need to interview with Anton T. Brinckwirth.